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Patrick Andersen*

616 West Waveland, Unit 3E

Chicago, Illinois  60613



  • Relocated to Norwalk, Connecticut
  • Mr. Andersen is  a VP for Citicorp

Norman Bloomberg

933 West Montana, Unit A

Chicago, Illinois  60614


  • Relocated to Baltimore, Maryland
  • Mr. Bloomberg is a VP for Sylvan Learning Centers

Ingrid Clark

2956 North Pine Grove, Unit 2S

Chicago, Illinois  60657

  • Relocated to Cincinnati, Ohio
  • Ms. Clark is an Analyst for Ameritech



Stuart Fagan

3750 North Lake Shore, Unit 3F

Chicago, Illinois  60613 

  • Relocated from New York, New York
  • Dr. Fagan recently retired as President, Governor's University

William Gordon

839 North Dearborn, Unit A

Chicago, Illinois  60611


  • Relocated from Washington, D.C.
  • Mr. Gordon was Executive Director, American Library Association

Kevin Kane

1942 West Potomac, Unit 2

Chicago, Illinois  60622


Stephanie Koenig

3150 North Sheridan, Unit 2C

Chicago, Illinois  60657


  • Relocated to Tucson, Arizona
  • Mr. Kane is an Attorney, local firm


  • Relocated to New York, New York
  • Ms. Koenig is a VP for Deutsche Bank

Dr. Arthur Kraft*

1701 North Halsted, Unit A1

Chicago, Illinois  60614


  • Relocated from Atlanta, Georgia
  • Dr. Kraft was Dean, DePaul University Business School
  • Relocated to Irvine, California
  • Dr. Kraft is Dean, Chapman College

Kenneth Lam

2802 North Wolcott, Unit 1

Chicago, Illinois  60657


  • Relocated from Seattle, Washington
  • Mr. Lam is a Designer, Midway Video Games

Leslie Leeming*

1313 North Ritchie, Unit 1108

Chicago, Illinois  60610


Paula Lentini

1907 West George Street

Chicago, Illinois  60657

  • Relocated to Norwalk, Connecticut
  • Ms. Leeming is a VP for Charles Schwab


  • Relocated to Seattle, Washington
  • Ms. Lentini is a VP for T-Mobile




Sarah Thomas

1300 West Altgeld, Unit 118

Chicago, Illinois  60614

  • Relocated to Seattle, Washington
  • Mrs. Thomas is a VP for Chase



* = Repeat clients